Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am STILL awesome!

Hello faithful fans!

Here is my awesome two part news:

1. Remember my play/master's thesis? It is going to be produced! You can go watch my play in January! Well, you can watch it if you go to Provo, Utah. New Play Project is going to put it on. Feel free to read my name on their website here. You should also notice that the name Eric Samuelsen is on that web site. He was one of my professors at BYU, in fact he was on my Thesis committee. His writing is brilliant. Kind of,it knocks my socks off that we are both have plays put on at the same theater--though the truth is, he could have his plays put on wherever he wants and is just a big fan of New Play Project. Still, how cool is it to be listed with Eric Samuelsen? Too cool.

2. One of the directors wants to make it into a movie! I get to write it into a screenplay (I don't exactly know how to do that but he kindly sent some stuff to read about the process so...how hard can it be?) and he starts filming in August. It's going to be a low budget ($5000) film. I am super excited.