Saturday, August 20, 2011

In which I am awesome, not awesome, but eventually awesome again

Awesome: I made six crock pot freezer meals in one blow. I was so excited for all the free time I would have when I wasn't making dinner.

Not awesome:
I did not take into account that when you freeze a meal that is meant to be transferred into a crock pot, it needs to be frozen in a shape that fits in a crock pot. I thought I was being clever by freezing it flat so it would fit better in my freezer. I wasn't.

Awesome: I hacked that little stinker to pieces with my knife until it fit.

Not awesome: As it was cooking I decided to clean up the kitchen.I did the dishes and I noticed that my knife now looked like this:

That's right. The tip broke off. It was lurking somewhere in that barbecue chicken meal, waiting to rip my children's guts to ribbons. AAAAAaaaaaggghhhhhhh!

Awesome: After feeling angry, betrayed, frightened, frustrated, and finally peaceful I got the brilliant idea to search the whole meal with a magnet. If I didn't find it then I figured we would have to throw the whole thing out.

More Awesome: Look what I found! It was actually inside of a drumstick. INSIDE!

We ate, we were happy, and I saved absolutely no time by making that meal. I've learned my lesson. From now on we are eating Cheetos and Koolaid for dinner.