Saturday, August 20, 2011

In which I am awesome, not awesome, but eventually awesome again

Awesome: I made six crock pot freezer meals in one blow. I was so excited for all the free time I would have when I wasn't making dinner.

Not awesome:
I did not take into account that when you freeze a meal that is meant to be transferred into a crock pot, it needs to be frozen in a shape that fits in a crock pot. I thought I was being clever by freezing it flat so it would fit better in my freezer. I wasn't.

Awesome: I hacked that little stinker to pieces with my knife until it fit.

Not awesome: As it was cooking I decided to clean up the kitchen.I did the dishes and I noticed that my knife now looked like this:

That's right. The tip broke off. It was lurking somewhere in that barbecue chicken meal, waiting to rip my children's guts to ribbons. AAAAAaaaaaggghhhhhhh!

Awesome: After feeling angry, betrayed, frightened, frustrated, and finally peaceful I got the brilliant idea to search the whole meal with a magnet. If I didn't find it then I figured we would have to throw the whole thing out.

More Awesome: Look what I found! It was actually inside of a drumstick. INSIDE!

We ate, we were happy, and I saved absolutely no time by making that meal. I've learned my lesson. From now on we are eating Cheetos and Koolaid for dinner.


Katie said...

Man, glad you finally learned your lesson. Shame on you for trying to make real meals and save time. Saving time is for sissies. Cheetos and Koolaid are for heros.

(Also... haha!)

And as a double P.S., I would just like to say that Bryan and I were discussing out on our date this evening why we like you guys so much and (once again) came to the conclusion that we should probably all live next door one day. Please start planning for that.

Kathy Haynie said...

Hahahaha. You are like a science mama to go after the metal chip with a magnet.

I second the plan to live next door to Katie. In Oregon, please. Please start planning for that.

Jeremy Palmer said...

That made me laugh. Awesome.

Jeremy Palmer said...

Which program did you use to make the illustration?

Bryan Lewis said...

i love MS Paint drawings! Also, you have a two-tipped knife now--how awesome is that?!