Friday, December 12, 2008

I am a consumer in my head.

Here is a short blog to make up for yesterday's long one.

Lately, I think a lot about stuff. And by stuff, I mean goods for sale. Soapy and I like to go on walks, but because it is so cold, we often go walking in stores.
We also have internet access in our home, so as I'm feeding Soapy or feeling lazy I am often online looking at stuff. I don't often buy or even want to own the stuff, but I like looking. Here are some things I look at.


Bryan Lewis said...

i was actually looking at that playmobil nativity set yesterday. what a coincidence.

Bridget said...

What are those white things in the first picture? Where do you find this stuff?

Anna said...

The white things are serving dishes. Like out of some Disney movie.

Mostly these things come from this website:

I also am a pretty good consumer/internet searcher.

Anna's Hunky Hubby said...

My favorite is the crushed porcelain soda cans. I would definitely place those on a fancy table for the world to see. I would also like to own a silkscreen machine to make my own art. Then I could frame it.

Katie said...

One of the girls I visit teach owns that Playmobil nativity set. It is definitely as cool as it seems.