Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nebraskans For Peace

This is a post about how I love Nebraska. You wouldn't think I would love Nebraska. Except for my time in Utah going to school, I have spent most of my life living in various nations' capitals: Tegucigalpa, Buenos Aires, Athens, Nicosia, Amman and Washington, D.C. (I count my time in Virginia as Washington D.C.). Now I am living it up in wild and crazy Lincoln (for the record, it is the state's capital. . . although way smaller than Omaha.

And I love it here. This is definitely one of my favorite places to live ever. Here is why I love Nebraska.

1. I have more satisfying and significant conversations with strangers than I have ever had before. It's really easy to make friends. I am friends with my local teen age grocery store cashiers, the meat department guys, the gaggle of old women in my apartment complex, the lady at Kinkos, and (most satisfyingly) my librarian who recommends books for me. It's completely natural to have conversations with strangers.

2. Nothing is far away in Nebraska.
That's a lie. It's a big state with a lot of open space. However, nothing is far away from me in Nebraska. Soapy and I can walk to the mall, two major grocery stores, church, the post office, Target, and Joseph's Beauty school in about five minutes (though we have as of yet never entered Joseph's Beauty School). In warm weather, we don't need a car at all except for special trips.

3. Very few telemarketers have our phone number.

4. Nebraskans for Peace

I was so delighted when I first saw this bumper sticker. Don't you like the idea of a bunch of Nebraskans getting together and saying, "Hey, things are getting a little out of control in this world. It's about time we Nebraskans took matters into our own hands. Let's have some peace! Nebraskan's for peace! Go Huskers!"

I really wanted a bumper sticker of my own, but when I went online to try to get one, I found their website and it turns out they support stuff I don't, namely: cats. There appear to be an inordinate amount of cat lovers in the group, and that is a red warning light to me.

5. Corn
It's just pretty. I think I like the order of it. So many tall, green, straight rows of corn.

Also, this is one of my favorite pictures in the world. I saw it when they had a Van Gogh exhibit in DC. It changed my life. I am not even kidding.

6. That this song is played on the radio at Christmas. To get to the highlight of the song fast-forward to 00:57.

This song cracks me up. One of the lines praising Nebraska states that it is "not something to see but something to feel." This is awesome. There is nothing to see here...but corn. Nebraskans celebrate this.

7. Nebraskans love Nebraska. They think it's the USA's best kept secret. They call living here "the good life." I think they may be right.

For more fun Nebraska facts click here.


Nathan said...

Man, Nebraska has got to be a pretty cool place if someone's going to write a song about. Kind of like that "Christmas Eve in Washington" song. Hahaha


Mrs. Haynie said...

I always make my Oregon Lit students learn "Roll On, Columbia" (it's about the Columbia River - "Your power is turning our darkness to dawn, so roll on, Columbia, roll on." Etc.

Maybe you could post a video of you and Chris and Soapy singing the Nebraska song.

Lisa Lou said...

for christmas i would like a shirt with the I heart NE on it. then I could be cool like the new yorkers, except it would be nebraska.