Friday, February 6, 2009

I like socks!

I really do. And not just because they keep my feet warm. I like how they look. I like that not many people see them so mostly I get to enjoy their awesomeness all myself. My own little foot secret. I especially like pretty socks*.

I have a lot of old, ugly socks, but this Christmas I got some pretty ones and I have been enjoying them quite a bit. When I wear them I think about them throughout the day. I would say at least five times a day. I think Soapy likes them too but she doesn't say.

Also, I like shoes. All my shoes are trashed or were trash to begin with EXCEPT the pair Becky just sent me that are pretty sweet. I have been walking around the apartment in them for the past ten minutes (Soapy is asleep and Chris is out playing poker {side note: When did Chris start playing poker? Also, when did Chris get guy friends? Who is this kid?} so I am pretty bored).

I will now submit some pictures to you so you can appreciate the awesomeness of my footwear. I feel we are good enough friends that you will appreciate them.

This is a pretty good pose for a shoe shot. I just did that instinctively. Natural talent, that's what I've got.

And now my post looks like a craigslist ad. Whatever.

My favorite socks are the two in the middle. The blue one with the black toe is probably my most favorite. It may not look so great on our carpet there,but trust me, it looks awesome on my foot.

Ummm. Chris isn't back yet so maybe I'll write another post.

* I think my love of socks is a delayed result of being roommates with Sarah. She had some great socks.


Lisa Lou said...

those are really cool shoes. I hope you sometimes wear them with your cool socks. then maybe you will get invited to poker night too!

Katie said...

Haha. I kept thinking you were going to say something about wearing socks with those shoes too. It reminded me of that scene in "While You Were Sleeping" when Sandra Bullock is trying on her wedding dress with different shoes and she has socks on. Maybe I have seen that movie too many times. Anyway, I like your socks (and shoes) a lot. Also, sorry about Chris leaving you and Soaps for gambling. If you ever need somewhere to run to, we have an extra room in our apartment. And it already has a crib in it.

Kathy Haynie said...

Anna, I am in complete agreement with Lisa and Katie. Your blog needs a post showing your foot in the sock in the shoe. Wow!

I can't say that I think about it during the day, but when I'm hanging my clothes up in my closet, I try to match the clothing item with the same color hanger, if at all possible. And the shirts are in rainbow order in my closet. Maybe I'll post a photo of that on my blog one of these days.

When is Soapy going to update her blog? I miss her!

Josh and Melanie said...

I want to see the socks and shoes on Soapy. :)

Sarah Louise said...

Hooray! I was hoping I'd get a shout out here. I was reading this thinking, "Man. I love socks. I wonder if Anna knows that her socks are a result of my love. I wonder if I know that. Shoot. Socks are great." And then, whammo, a footnote.

Today my roommate said, "You have a lot of socks," and I wanted to clarify, "I have a lot of AWESOME socks," but I did not. She is from California. She is breezy but she does not approve.