Friday, February 27, 2009

Hey! Blogs are awesome!

Also, I am awesome. That is why I now have 3 columns on my blog. It made me want to learn Html. To me, Html is a mystery.

Also, I started a big, group blog for my Relief Society so we can all save so much sweet money. Nobody's going to start contributing until after this Sunday, so all the posts are mine but I have high hopes of it being really cool. Also, I feel like a pioneer bringing Enrichment onto the internet.
Here is the link so you can all see it and be so impressed. Uh, you might notice the layout for that blog is very similar to the layout of this one.That is just a coincidence.

Also, better than my blog is the blog it is copied from which is Frugal Chic Living.

Also, if you notice on the right of my blog there is a link to free samples from Walmart. I am signed up to get all the free samples and I am so excited. Okay, so actually not all of them, (Nicoderm? Really?) but a lot of them. I am so excited for all my free stuff!


Katie said...

Anna- your new blog and the blog it was birthed from are great. Frugal Chic Living makes me feel bad about ever spending money at all. She must be a genius.

Lisa Lou said...

woah - I'm super impressed with the three columns. How did you do it? (meow)

Katie said...

Every time I see the title of this blog on the side of my own blog (which is a few times every day for the last five days since I don't really have anything to do most of the time so I just check blogs over and over again) I can't help but think it in my mind in the same voice as Trael Luouse (sp) from the Butterfingers Is Awesome videos.