Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Plants plants plants

So it is springtime and I am excited. Like always, this time of year has filled me with a great desire to grow plants. My mother is a hard-core gardener, and every springtime I decide that I am one too. I buy garden stuff, play around with dirt, and sometimes even make some seeds sprout. But then something always happens and the plants end up dying. (By "something always happens" I mean I don't water them for a month or two).

Well, this springtime appears to be like every other one---except this year I will succeed of course. I have taken some pictures of my newly sprouted friends for your viewing pleasure. Ahem.

The three yogurt containers in front are my abundant and flourishing tomato plants. Don't they look sprightly? The two in the back are supposed to be pepper plants. I don't know what their deal is. I am still watering them. Hopefully something will happen.

These little monkeys are part of a Christmas gift from my brother in law, David. According to the box they are called THE AMAZING SENSITIVE PLANTS! I am sure that is the Latin name.

Anyway, when you agitate the plants either by touching them, making loud noises, or moving them, the leaves close up. Or they are supposed to. I have definitely been agitating them but so far, no dice. Don't worry, I will keep you guys posted about that. I am actually pretty excited about this plant because there were tons of these in Honduras. I remember playing with them a lot at our bus stop.

This is the last thing I am growing right now. It was also a present from David. It's called THE AMAZING DINOSAUR PLANT! Apparently this is one of the longest living plants in the world. It came as a little dried up bundle of leaves and roots. Just add water, said the instructions, and it will come back to life. In fact, it can survive without water for up to fifty years. Pretty resilient little stinker.

Here's the problem: I'm killing it. The most hardy and indestructible plant I have ever met is dying because of me. I don't know why. It's not like it is hard to take care of. You can't tell so well from the picture, but it is growing progressively brown and sickly (I think I heard it give a dry raspy cough the other day). I'm giving it direct sunlight today, and if that doesn't work I am going to slip some prescription drugs into the water.


Kathy Haynie said...

Grow, little garden, grow!

Don't take any advice from me; I am a master plant-killer. I'm especially skilled at knocking off baby plants. Mark, my husband, is the one with the green thumb. He routinely resurrects plants that I've just about done in.

Maybe the dinosaur plant is too WET?? (Hey remember, don't take any advice from ME!) Also, my good friend Dorothy, who has three or four green thumbs, always puts grow lights over her babies. So does Polly, Katie's older sister, who also has a green thumb or two.

But that's all I know. Looking forward to updates!

If you want to see my plant photos, check out my blog at: http://kathyhaynie.blogspot.com/

Nathan said...

I would like to pre-order 3 ounces of "Tomato Plant" and 1 ounce of "Pepper Plant." Thank you. I'll have the $60 when we meet.

Katie said...

My mom wasn't kidding when she says she kills plants. I know because I grew up with her and because she has passed this black thumb on to me. I even killed a catcus once. (I'm really not even sure how that's possible.) The only plants I have ever had success with are the spider plants (who knows if that's what they're really called- I have no idea) that were left overs from work. Although I can't take too much pride in keeping them alive. The whole reason we have them at work is so the kids can "take care of plants" without any real risk to the plants. They are resiliant little fellows. My fake sunflowers are also looking rather impressive. We are, however, working on growing another new plant right now. We'll see how that one goes. Good luck with yours!

Lisa Lou said...

Remember your watermelon plants? Those were so awesome. I'm excited for your little garden! Hopefully, once it stops snowing here I will plant some herbs and things out on the balcony!