Monday, November 9, 2015

I am oficially full term pregnant.

I am not even going to apologize for not posting. This November is rough. I am a hero even for sitting upright right now.

We had our last Primary Program Practice. It went much better. No broken feet. No kamikaze jumps off the podiums. No Maracas. Our piano player did stop playing, in tears because she thought the sunbeams were all going to die, but I think she was over-reacting a little. We have six sunbeams and three adults sitting between them. No one else was crying. But, then again, the more I learn about primary callings the more I see how frustrating it an be to be a chorister or pianist who has to be ready all the time, but doesn't necessarily get a say in what's going on.

Also, though going well-ish, the program was stressful enough to start me having some contractions. That is no bueno. I have to hold out until the program.

I was going to write some more but I can't even.

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Kathy Haynie said...

Love you so much Anna! Glad to hear the Sunbeams are safe on your watch.