Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Late start

Well it's November and I am starting NaBloPoMo two days late. In my own defense, my whole body hurts. Lets do a quick recap of where my life is at to get everyone (my adoring and faithful masses of readers) up to speed. This is my first November pregnant. The baby is due December 1st. (It's a girl).
We are living in Eugene, Oregon. Chris is in his first year of law school...again, but this time are getting paid an Army salary and the government is footing the bill. Thanks, Government,

Sophia, and Mary (oh, did you know she goes by Mary now?) go to an elementary school right by our house. Grace stays home with me and plays imaginary My Little Pony games all day long.

After we'd been here about three weeks I got called to be Primary President. I had never been primary president before. It looks a lot easier when other people do it. Our first program practice was last week. We had one kid attempt to jump off the podium and then one other little boy almost broke his foot in one of those folding chairs. I think the lowest point was when some well meaning teacher gave all the sunbeams maracas. So basically, it was your typical practice. We'll see how next Sunday goes.

Good enough catch up. I'll do a real post tomorrow.


Patricia said...

WooHoo, Anna's writing again! I was so happy to see this post. And I truly believe next Sunday will be better, and the next week your program will be wonderful!!

Bridget said...

Yay, I'm reading!

alison said...

lolz on the maracas

Kathy Haynie said...

Good luck with the Primary program tomorrow! We need to get together when it's a good time for you guys. We're happy to make an excursion to Eugene. :)