Friday, November 21, 2008


So tonight I am going to see Twilight! I'm going with a woman from my ward and her daughter who I think is in fifth grade. Chris is staying at home with the monkey. I am stoked stoked stoked. I hope I like it so much.


Bridget said...

Awesome. I see you've figured out hyperlinks. Let me know how you like the movie! I think I'm going this afternoon if I can figure out how to manage the leech going 3+ hours without me.

Nathan said...

I saw it tonight with Lisa. It was pretty good. She had to explain a lot of things to me.

Katie said...

I think you have hyperextended your hyperlink. However, I must confess I actually started laughing to myself out loud when I saw the Chris monster and I kind of lost it all together when I saw the alligator. Ha ha ha... :)

p.s. I certainly miss you sometimes and I even think of calling you fairly often, but then I always remember that I still haven't put your guys' number in my phone. Sad day.