Monday, November 9, 2009


Today is my little brother's birthday, so I thought that I would post my all time favorite picture of him.

When I first saw this photo I (like everyone who knew of Erik's hatred for dogs before he got married to a veterinary student) was delighted. It's very funny to see the kid who used to kick our little, white, highland terrier across the room, cuddle up with this pooch. (Okay, I have to admit that Erik insists that he never hated dogs, just the one dog that was our little, white, highland terrier. And that same terrier has drawn blood from every member of my immediate family and several extended family members, in laws, and acquaintances. So maybe he has some small justification. Still, it's funny. If you have been harmed or at least threatened by Moby, the great white beast, feel free to share your story in the comment section.)

However, this photo also nagged at me for some reason. It seemed like I was missing something from it. Like there was something I was supposed to get from the photo but was missing (Can you tell I have just read The Lost Symbol?). Then I realized it: this photo finally gave me the key to Erik's character.

So for Erik's birthday, I thought I would do little psychoanalysis of him on my public blog as a birthday present. What better present could you give a person, really?

(It's very probable that he doesn't even read this blog, in which case I am hoping by word of mouth he learns of its existence and of his own spotlight.)

So anyway, I could write you a little essay about all the crazy and not so crazy things Erik has done in his life but it is late so I thought I would summarize all of Erik's character into one word to define him for all of you who did not have the privilege of growing up with him.

Are you ready? Here it is, the word that summarizes the dominant personality trait of Erik: GOOFY.

Seriously, this kid is a goofy snowball of goofiness. Sure, he acts all responsible and serious but really, he wants to be silly. You haven't fooled me Erik. You are not so grown up. I remember how as a toddler you could never stop giggling. I remember how you loved pranking houses with me. We would gather up furniture that people were throwing out and when we had enough we would go to someone's house and set it all up on their lawn like there had been a big meeting there. We left programs of the meetings. Ha ha ha...remember all the Official Arthropod Meetings we faked? (Uh, honestly, I think we might have stolen some office chairs accidentally one time. I feel a little bad about that, but seriously people should take care of their stuff.)

Now that Erik is married, good GRIEF the goofiness has come home to roost. I suspect that Erica is goofy too and is able to unleash Erik's goofiness--for which I am eternally grateful to her.

Goofy is good. This is obviously not a real psychoanalysis of you, Erik. But, I do like how laid back and silly you are sometimes. I love you and miss you. I hope your dog gives you a big, wet, sloppy kiss for your birthday, and I hope it is totally gross.


Lisa Lou said...

Oh man. Moby. I never met him, but I remember the story that David told of when he went with you and Chris to take some engagement pictures and Moby attacked him.
I like psychoanalysis of your brother. I can understand a little bit more why you married Chris.

Katie said...

That is a great picture. And I never knew about your amazing lawn pranks before. Hahahaha.

Kathy Haynie said...

Great stories. Happy Birthday Erik!