Thursday, November 12, 2009

I've been Nebraskaned.

So, I have new hobby that I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED about: I am learning how to make a baby quilt! There is an awesome quilter in our ward who is teaching a class on how to make a Stack and Slash quilt. (By the way, that's a pretty cool name). I showed up even though I was still pretty sketchy on how to use a sewing machine. By sketchy I mean that I didn't even know where to plug in the cords, not to mention threading the beast, or(gasp!) making a bobbin. Now, because of the patience of the women in my ward - as well as the prayers and fasting of my mother - not only do I now know how to set up and use my awesome sewing machine, I also have all 25 squares of my quilt done! And I can whip you up a bobbin any day. Woo-hoo!Making a quilt is very very satisfying to me, but it's something I thought I would never do.

This is just an example of how living in Nebraska is changing me. It seems that the longer I am in Nebraska the more I am mid-westernized. I mean, I left college writing poetry, finishing my thesis, and having crepe parties. Now I coupon, sew quilts, and have play dates. In my University days I used Google to look up Asian depictions of Jesus (by the way, Googling other cultures depiction of deity is ALWAYS enlightening), and now I use it to find out how to get hard water stains off our shower doors.

I think my pre-Nebraska self might be disappointed in these changes. But, I like my life. I feel like I am involved in very worthwhile things. I think it would be different if I were living somewhere else, but I like the qualities of Nebraskans I have adopted. I kind of wonder which changes I will keep when we finally move.

That's all.


Katie said...

I might even be more excited than your mom that you like sewing now. Sweeeet! If only we lived closer. We could "make" so many bobbins together.

Lisa Lou said...

I think about that masters progam at UNL in quilting sometimes. Do they have a lot of quilt shops and museums. I'm afraid of sewing machines, that they will stitch my fingers together or something. But I would like to learn and not be afraid anymore.

Kathy Haynie said...

I want to see a picture of your quilt squares.

And I loved your story yesterday about Whistle.

I mentioned you in my writing class tonight. The professor (sounds way too formal for what a nice man and good writer he is) asked how people write humor. I said that my daughter's sister-in-law writes a blog I love to read because she says things that make me laugh and smile. I said I think she does it by unique phrases and a willingness to laugh at herself. Thanks, Anna!