Sunday, November 15, 2009


Okay, Sophie and I have been home sick all day and I have nothing to report except that she has crusties all around her nose and I have sneezed more than twenty times today.

Therefore, I am using my blog to request things that I would like for other bloggers who read my blog to write about in their upcoming posts. You don't have to dedicate the whole post to it, maybe just a comment at the end.

Chris: I want you to write about me.

Lisa: I would like you to make a list of all the things you are afraid of, because from your comments I think you have a bunch.

Bridget: I want you to recommend a good book because I need one to read about now. Also, I am in the mood to read a sad blog, so if you wanted to do a Flashback weekday and write about a sad time in your life, I think that would be pleasing to me.

Katie:I want another Olivia blog with some comment about Anna being a great Aunt. Also I would like you to figure out some easy yet strikingly beautiful way to make a home-made star for a little Christmas tree.

Sarah K.: I would like to see some of your photography for your class on your blog. Also, I would like to know where Matt will be stationed. Also, I just sneezed again.

Bryan: I would like you to write a meaningful post that some way incorporates a nice picture of some chicken nuggets. I like chicken nuggets. Also, I would like you to write about some cool fact you know--preferably true.

Alison: I would like your next posting to be about your romantic life, because that is interesting to me. The more angst the better.

Becky F.: I would like you to post a picture of something unexpected that you have managed to stick to Marley's face.

Katie J.: I would like you to have your baby and post pictures.

Kathy: I would like to hear about a time when you were a total jerk, because that would be a funny story. Also, a little unbelievable.

Trish: You don't have a blog so my challenge to you is to start a blog and join Nablopomo in the middle or you can make a comment on this post using the word "lollipop" the way Alison uses it.

Okay, that's it for my blogger tyranny. If there actually is another blogger who read this and would like to participate, I encourage you to follow the assignment I gave Bryan because I really do like chicken nuggets.

If you don't want to follow my requests but still wish to remain friends with me, then I suggest you put the following comment at the end of your posting: "I refuse to play Anna's mind games." Unless you are Chris. If you are Chris you have to follow your assignment or I will slash your bike tires. No joke.

I am going to go blow my nose.


Kathy Haynie said...

A jerky story? You got it. Stay tuned on my blog. :)

So sorry to hear that you and Soapy are sick. But please don't come visit us in Portland until you are feeling better.

Lisa Lou said...

Done and done. I really am freaked out by a lot of things. Thanks for making my next post easy.

Patricia said...

Dear Anna,

I don't have any plans to start a public blog. I'm way too insecure about my writing. Remember, I don't like to write, although I love to talk. I've been trying to comment more and that is a big step for me. I love, love, love reading all of the great blog posts from NaBloPoMo! (Did I get that right?)
I can't think of a way to use "lollipop" in Alison's way. I even get in trouble if I ask if she's going to get a sucker when she goes to the bank to deposit her pay checks! I usually don't call people either of those words!
So, do you really only like McD's nuggs? Because I can make real ones that taste much better. In fact (and not to dis you) but McD's nuggs are really yucky to me, but David loves them too, so what do I know? I think nuggs is way cuter than nuggets, thanks to Bridget.
Hope you get feeling better soon. It's no fun having a cold. Chris, please be very, very nice to Anna. And write nice things about her.
The end.
p.s. I don't believe Kathy Haynie could be a jerk. I just don't believe it!

Chris said...

I kind of think it is a joke and that you will not really slash my bike tires. I am considering writing my next post as if I were still single and had never met you. Ha ha. just kidding. please don't do anything rash while I am at work.

Katie said...

Anna I will soon. The star is totally already covered. What do you think adorned our Christmas tree last year? I will share my secrets. Your auntie post is in the works as well, but I'm leaving the big O's wish list up for a while in hopes that more people will see it and read it and buy us... err... I mean Olivia those cute shoes. Haha.

Bridget said...

I can definitely do a book roundup just for you. What are you in the mood for? YA? Non-fiction? Survival stories involving cannibalism? I've got lots of those. Just let me know so I can narrow it down a bit.

Also let me know if you've already read every YA book written by Shannon Hale. We can't move forward in this discussion until that has taken place.

Katie said...

I'm working on it!!!! If you're in the mood for something sad, just think about how miserable it is at the VERY end of pregnancy, and you can think of me:)

Anna said...

Everyone- Thank you for your satisfying comment/posts. They were nice on my sick day.

Trish- I am ok with you not using lollipop because you used the word "dis." Also, someday, I would very much like to try your chicken nuggs.

Bridget- Shannon Hale? No never read a single thing by her. I just looked her up and she has written a bunch of books? Where should I start and should I avoid any? I'm looking for fiction and non-fiction but NO survival/cannibal stories. Your recent reviews were enough for me, thank you very much. Blech

Bridget said...

Start with The Goose Girl or Princess Academy (dumb title, good book).

I'll still write you a post.

Anonymous said...

I would leave you a comment of worth, but you have never responded to the name game with Sophie - so I'll leave you hanging with wondering what really cool book would Aunt Michele recommend ? ? ? ?