Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

All day long I have been getting ready for Thanksgiving. I cleaned everything, even the places that no one will see. I never do that. The only thing I didn't clean was our other bathroom shower. I just left a rag and some cleaner in the tub so that Chris can clean it while he takes his shower tomorrow morning. I think he will have a good time.

I also butterflied our turkey and brined it. Wow. I'm such a hero. Getting ready for Thanksgiving is fun. Even though it took all day, I had a great time. I think part of it was because Soapy was being so charming, and part of it is that making Thanksgiving a big deal makes it more fun.

Most of Chris's family arrived this evening. Lisa gets here tomorrow. It was really fun to see Soapy get so excited to play with them. She is going to be so spoiled this weekend. I am excited to not be the center of her world for a while.

It almost feels like the beginning of a family reunion... except we're missing four members of Cris's family. Nathan is in Poland on his mission, but we don't really miss him because when you are on your mission you kind of become fake for two years. But Bryan, Katie and their little Big O are still in Provo. I wish they could be here. Wow, I really got sad thinking about it just now.

One highlight of this Thanksgiving Eve: Chris manipulating the turkey like a puppet. Sometimes pretending that animal carcasses are puppets is funny.


Bridget said...

What I would give to be at that gathering. What I would give.

Kathy Haynie said...

Don't you miss me, too? :)

Happy Thanksgiving! I know you will all have a wonderful time.

How fun to get the house all cleaned and ready. Hooray for Soapy to cooperate!