Monday, November 23, 2009

A stale loaf of bread broken into pieces.

That is what is on my kitchen table tonight. It should have two other loaves to keep it company, but Chris and I had too much stuff to do so I will break some bread tomorrow.

It's for stuffing because Thanksgiving is on Thursday!

All of my Lewis in laws are coming to Nebraska except the four we are intentionally keeping away (psyche guys, we would never intentionally keep the Big O away).

Chris and I are super excited. Last Thanksgiving Lisa came out and we had a pretty stellar time. Feel free to admire our feast here. This year we are going more upscale. Yes, that means we are having a table cloth this year. Also instead of 3 people there will (probably) be 14. WHOOP WHOOP! So we will be having so much more food.

Also, sometime I will have to take some pictures of my couponing system I just upgraded and by the way...I am now super hard core.

Now I am going to sleep because I am going to wake up super early tomorrow to grade my students's finals. There are always lots of papers on tattoos which was interesting but is now super boring. I am a little excited because this time I have two students who randomly decided to write about more unique topics: cake baking and how to find nutritious food when you are lost in the wilderness.

See ya blog-stars.


Bryan Lewis said...

When I read the title of this post, I thought it would be a sentimental poem about the sacrament and how the staleness of the bread made it even more meaningful or something. Oh well.
I'm sad we wont be able to be there. Maybe next year?

Katie said...

Oooh. I like to think of myself as a blogstar. :) How flattering. Also, I too thought it was going to be a post on the sacrament.

Greg said...

We are so excited to come!
I can hardly wait to see Sophie!
It will be nice to see you guys, too.
Wow, interesting topics for college papers.

Greg said...

I forgot I was in the family email. That last comment was from Trish.

Kathy Haynie said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Maybe if you run out of food, you can refer back to your student's paper about how to find food in the wilderness. I would be interested to read an update about that--if the information in the student seems credible, and if so, what one would do to feed oneself in the wilderness.

Lisa Lou said...

I hope we go to the capitol building again and see some peregrine falcons. That was awesome.

Becky said...

Ahhh! Thanksgiving with family. What blessing.