Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A list of what I did today

1. Threw up twice.

2. Peed my pants twice.*

3. Cleaned a shower and took a shower at the same time. This was multitasking at its best. It was very satisfying except for two mishaps: a)I scrubbed a little too hard on the shower door and fell out onto the bathroom floor b) I was washing the shower handle and accidentally turned it to super hot and was slightly scalded.

4.Cooked rice for an old lady who didn't remember how to do it. I cleared up some important questions for her. Does the water have to boil before you put in the rice? Do you need a lid? Do you pour the rice through a colander to get rid of the water after you are done? No. Yes. No.

5. Burned a pie crust. I am really sad about that.

6. Told someone I didn't know very well that I peed my pants twice today and instantly regretted it. Talk about awkward moments.

7. Went to bed right now. Goodnight.

*If you are wondering whether numbers 1 and 2 happened at the same time, they did. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy. You are so lucky you get to read about it on this blog.


Lisa Lou said...

HAHA! Sneezing and jumping on trampolines are very precarious activities for me...

Katie said...

Hahaha! Hope you have a fun pre-Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Bridget said...

Oh thank you for this post. I laughed so much. It made my day happier.

Kathy Haynie said...

Good times. Just wait till you're old! :)