Monday, November 16, 2009

One last sick day

Today was full of naps and nose-blowing. The only human contact I had with anyone that did not live with me was when I walked to the credit union to make a deposit. Here's how my one real-life conversation went today:

Teller: How can I help you?
Me: I'd like to make a deposit.
Teller: Okay. Let's see...
Pause. Soapy tries to eat her stroller strap.
Teller: There you go." She hands me the little bank slip.
Me: Thanks. Have a good evening.
Teller: You too.

That was it for me today. I guess I did talk on the phone to two people as well. Sarah K. being one of them.

Sophie and I had a good time, though. We experimented with her climbing on new things and standing on things with wheels. She likes to stand on shaky ground. I think she enjoys a little bit of scariness. (I think that is a side effect of having Chris as a father. He likes to startle her and it cracks her up.) She kept on running straight in to a chest of drawers with her head. She did it like three times in a row. I don't know what her deal is.

We both stayed in our pajamas until two o'clock. Of course I was not going to make real food today, so for breakfast I had bagels and Nutella. Lunch was some instant stuffing and some of Sophie's green beans and dinner was tomato soup. Don't worry. Sophie ate her usual healthy junk. Breakfast: oatmeal mixed with yogurt and some apple. Lunch: Spaghetti and green beans. Dinner: bread, spaghetti and green beans. I guess she didn't get much variety but whatever. Neither one of us was very hungry anyway.

Anyway, Sophie is happy and healthy as a happy and healthy clam now, and I only have some gross sniffles left, so hopefully we will rejoin the land of the living tomorrow.

Next time I will make sure I do not get sick unless I have a bunch of movies to watch and I have recently restocked my pantry.


Kathy Haynie said...

No chicken nuggets??

I do like the idea of pajamas until 2:00. If I get sick, I will try that. Did you wear them to the credit union?

Katie said...

Man, the big O and I wore our pajamas all day yesterday, including when we went on our walk, and we're not sick at all. Well, I did put on a more suitable shirt and a sweatshirt for the walk and it helps that the pants I wore to bed are fairly normal-looking, but still. I am all for the PJs look. And that is a wise idea about not getting sick without the proper lounging-around supplies. Otherwise it's no fun to be sick at all.

Katie said...

P.S. I remember when I started working at the preschool right after Bryan and I got married that I was always a little excited to be sick because that meant I got to stay home all day and watch West Wing. Man, those were the days... when West Wing was just a few blocks away. Err... I mean you guys. Heh heh.

Lisa Lou said...

A couple years ago when I had pnemonia and larengits (sp??) at the same time and thought I was going to die for reals, I was kind of excited to watch movies on my laptop in bed. Mostly I was just passed out for four days on my death bed. What a waste of sickness!

Lisa Lou said...

And by "larengits" I meant laryngitis.

Bridget said...

What a good idea to keep track of real-world conversations held with people other than members of your family. I want to do that for a week and see what I come up with.

Glad you're on your way to being on the mend!