Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Christmas Christmas!!!

Man, I am super excited for Christmas. SO SO EXCITED! Our Christmas plans are uncertain because we are leaving to Germany so soon after Christmas and the Army definitely wants us to do a lot of stuff before we leave, but they won't tell us what until we have certain slips of paper. So we don't know when we will get to leave this state to visit family for Christmas, nor do we know when we will return.

Still, it doesn't matter because Christmas is terrific no matter what. I am excited to put up our tree and wreath right after Thanksgiving (don't mock me, it's perfectly awesome to do that). I have got some excellent present ideas this year. I am even doing well at figuring what to give myself (I relieved Chris of that responsibility last year). The only thing I regret about Christmas 2011 is that this awesome song no longer applies to us.

Man, I love Nebraska. Seriously, it is my favorite place to have lived. I'm not even joking. I should do a post on Nebraska.


Lisa Lou said...

That video is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
If Christmas in Nebraska is anything like Thanksgiving in Nebrask, then it's GOOD.

Katie said...

I admit I couldn't make it through that whole song. Though the combination of awkward family photos and twangy music is truly magical.

Anyway, I hope the army remembers who's boss (me) and sends you to the family house of fun and festivities for Christmas.

Becky said...

How did you find that song!?! it was truly awesome!

Nebraska IS the good life! Particularly Lincoln because it has a BOMBASTIC library system. We LOVED living in Nebraska!

Great post!