Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Day Boy and the Night Girl

When I was in high school I read this charming fairy tale and promptly forgot the name of it. It was about an evil witch scientist who performs a terrible experiment where she essentially kidnaps two babies and raises one in darkness and one in light. Eventually the two, a boy and girl, meet and have to defeat the witch, helping each other overcome their fears of darkness or light. It's just a cool story and I've thought a lot about it since then. I was reading a book last night that quoted that story! So I looked it up. The story is called "The Day Boy and the Night Girl" and it was written by the pastor George MacDonald in the late 1800s. You can listen to it online here. I couldn't find a nice online copy to read, though I found a lot of comments by people saying there is one. Anyway, it turns out he's written other stories that I really liked as a kid, like "The Princess and the Goblin."

It was kind of cool.


Lisa Lou said...

I'm trying to get a good collection of books together to read after I finish the semester and wait for Calvin to make his appearance.


Did you try this one? It's kind of bulky, but looks like a complete version.

Rebecca said...

I remember you telling me about this story. I know what I'm doing over lunch.