Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The only things I have made with my hands

So, many moons ago I posted pictures of my first quilt here. Since then I have made 1 and 8/9ths of a quilt and I thought I would regale you with them now.

This elephant quilt is Jojo's.

I started it back when we had decided her name was going to Lucinda Maxine Lewis. That is why it is monogrammed L M L on the back. Obviously, we did not name her that, but what is sewn is sewn. Kind of like when I dedicated my thesis to Sophia R Lewis, but I named my daughter Sophia Jane. Oh well.

For the record, we almost named Jojo, Lucinda Hero Lewis as well. What stopped us was the actual mythological story of the girl Hero, which is not very inspiring. Even Shakespeare's Hero was a bit of a sissy.

Here is the quilt I am almost done with now. I had planned to be done with it by the end of Nablopomo, but I forgot how much teaching University of Spleenex sucks the soul out of you. Still, I have seven months to finish it, so I should finish it in time for mini-me #3.

Here is a close up of the monkey.

I'm super proud of this one, and I'll tell you why--I designed the whole thing AND it's entirely hand quilted. What this means is that I am a genius.

Happy Nablopomo everyone!


Kathy Haynie said...

That quilt IS genius!

How does Soapy feel about getting a thesis when her siblings both get quilts?

Becky said...

Total genius. That's about the cutest quilt I've ever seen. LMNOP is going to love it. Or whatever their initials will matter, right? ;-)

I'll miss hearing from you so regularly.

Rebecca said...

I want this quilt. I know it's intended for your beloved offspring and all, but, well, what your beloved offspring doesn't know won't hurt it. Right?

Greg Lewis said...

Hero?! Really?!

Kristen Kohler said...

You are a hero, Anna. But the heroic kind.

Kristen Kohler said...

Also, hilarious about the names :)

Katie said...

Anna. This is amazing. Or, I should say, THESE are amazing. Sorry I'm commenting so late and behind everyone else. I blame it entirely on blogger erasing my blog lists when I switched to a .com. But that is beside the point. Your quilting skills are so mega awesome. I could not be more impressed. Go you.

Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

Love the design of both of these...especially the elephant...but the monkey too. :)

Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

Oh...and I think that's hilarious about putting the initials on before you had REALLY settled on a name. :)