Monday, November 28, 2011

NABLOPOMO is going so slow this year...

Seriously, it's killing me.

Here's some fun news. My friend Diana Smith (who is awesome by the way), told me about a poetry contest on Goodreads, so I submitted and I got honorable mention. So I thought I would honorably mention that to you all. Here is the poem (I wrote it soon after Chris and I were married):

Elegy for my husband not yet dead, or even ill

After I paint the house black,
not just the walls,
but the screen door, the refrigerator and the toilet seat.

After I throw your finches out the third floor window,
put the gold fish and bowl in the freezer,
and ask the mortuary to bury Rufus the kitten with you.

After I have poured rubbing alcohol into the soil of the houseplants
raked 15 pounds of salt into our vegetable garden, and the neighbor's yard
maybe after that, I will be able to forget this Thursday morning

the white kitchen curtains
the blueberry bagels growing cold on the table
your lemon-blue eyes smiling at me over orange juice.


Katie said...

Anna? You never cease to amaze me! This poem is incredible. Seriously. Really. Truly. I think it's even better because I know you and I know Chris.

Anyway, it makes me smile.

And thanks for letting us come over last night. It was so fun!

Kathy Haynie said...

Poor Rufus. This is an awesome poem. Thank you, friend, for reminding me to find joy in those little things like the bagels growing cold...

Lynne Kohler and Theresa Walters said...

You never think about your little daughter being in love. I mean you conceptually accept that someday in the great eternal scheme she will be in love...but suddenly you have one of those true daddy moments and your heart warms and your eyes tear and you rejoice that your seet baboo is truly in love with someone, joyfully in love wirh some one and still in love with someone after marrying him and having children with him. But Anna, "Lemon-Blue"????? dad

Becky said...

I don't think I've actually done a blog post everyday in November. This year I kinda tried, but if you ask me it's the stupidest month to try. A month with a major holiday and preparations for a major holiday the next month...hard. And, I do believe it is dragging on too...on my blog. But, I still love going and reading what other people have to say everyday.

Great job on the poetry contest! Love that poem! You should have won first prize!

Diana said...

Hooray! I'm glad you entered, great poem!