Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Advent

We celebrated our first advent tonight. That means we had a lot of goodies out and invited some friends to come over and celebrate with us. In retrospect, we think we may have jumped the gun. First Advent may be next Sunday. Oh well. It was fun, and since this is the last of four days Chris has off until December 16th, it might have been the only chance we have to celebrate with him.

So I just looked it up and today is the first Sunday of advent so, we did it right. Ah, the wonders of Google. Anyway I have nothing to say except it was a lovely evening. We had cinnamon rolls, cookies, pineapple, shrimp,chips and guacamole, Brie and crackers, juice, and cocoa. We played Settlers of Catan and the kids did not go crazy.

Hooray for the Christmas Season!


Lisa Lou said...

Hooray Hooray Hooray!
Mark and I were JUST talking about how it is First Advent. We already ate our treats, but maybe we'll play a game. Sure miss you all.

Nathan said...

You invited us to one of your Advent parties in Lincoln. It was awesome! Such great food!

Patricia said...

Dad and I had the same discussion last week about First Advent and he was sure it was this week. But he looked it up anyway.
David was sick, so it was a quiet Advent for two at 9:30 after we both got home from meetings. I had been shopping at Aldi, so we had genuine
German goodies, though.