Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dental hygiene and vomit---but not together.

So I have basically stopped using coupons since we left Nebraska. Everything is just too far away. But every once in a while I see some deal that is too good to pass up. That is how I ended up with two of these beauties yesterday.

I got 'em for free and frankly I am pretty delighted. I have never had or even used a battery operated toothbrush before so I figured it would be awesome. I thought my teeth would feel ultra-clean. And, actually, they really did feel cleaner than usual after I brushed with Cinderella.

(FYI the Little Mermaid was also available, but I felt her outfit was too scandalous to have her as a role model for Soapy in the bathroom.)

Here is what I would like to say about electric toothbrushes after my one experience: they are cool but they also give me nasty dentist flashbacks . It's the vibrating pressure that is a little nauseating to me. I actually couldn't bring myself to use it this morning; I had to go back to my primitive, cave-man, manual toothbrush. I still haven't decided whether or not to use it tonight. Sorry to leave you in suspense about that.

I have, however, decided to let Soapy use the other one because a) I do not think that Chris would like me to mail it to him in basic training (which ends in a little over two weeks whoop whoop!) and b) I think it will prepare her for her first dentist visit.

Oh, and I guess maybe the one kid in the house should use one of the kid toothbrushes. Whatever.

Okay, here are a few reasons I love living at home with my parents just from today:

1. My mom made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Ahhhhh

2. When I pulled into church and Soapy vomited all over our sweet Corolla of victory my parents took care of Jojo while I cleaned up Soapy and then my Mom cleaned up the pukey carseat while I tried to get the girls to stop crying. I would have had to drive a half hour home with out them there. Thank goodness for the parents.

(Note on this, I actually had extra clothes for Soapy to wear...minus socks and shoes. So that was almost great preparation. Also, I thought I had brought a clean shirt but it was actually a filthy shirt with ketchup stains on it. Chunky ketchup stains. With her perpetual runny nose, her gross shirt, and her lack of any footwear at all in November, she looked a little Appalachian-American. I suppose the gap in her teeth only added to the situation. Also, she and I and the Corolla smelled a bit like cinnamon rolls all day.)

3. Here is one last thing that is something that I am constantly grateful for: every night when I put Jojo to bed, my Mom always does stuff with Soapy so the little villain doesn't come in and scream in Jojo's ear while she is getting drowsy. that may not seem like a big deal, but it's a big deal.

In summary: toothbrushes and living at home are awesome.


Kathy Haynie said...

Oh, I HATE the vibrating/polishing part of having my teeth cleaned. I cringe all the way through it and my shoulders are all tense by the time the hygienist is through. I have never tried an electric toothbrush, either, and I think after reading this that I never will.

Katie said...

Oh, sweet. That is a big deal. Aren't parents the best!

Bridget said...

I like your Appalachian comparison. When we were in Egypt Magdalena was dirtier and snottier than most of the Egyptian kids, which is really saying something. What is with those perpetual snotty noses??

Lisa Lou said...

I can just imagine soapy screaming while Jojo is just falling asleep. Oh boy. Also, I love the description of the Soapster at church. It kind of reminded me of those old-timey pictures of grubby kids out in front of their dirt house wearing overalls and carrying a milk pail.

LaRee said...

I KNOW what you mean about the drowsy one being screamed at, called for, taunted, harassed in some way that makes it hard to get them to sleep! I started reading something boring to my older children to get them to sleep at night :0 but I have to practically rock my 2 little ones to sleep at the same time or they keep each other up way way too late.
Sigh, so nice to have another adult at home in the evenings!