Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A steal of a deal at twice the price!

Man, I love getting sweet deals. It makes me so happy. It's a little silly. I feel like I am shaking my fist in the face of the free market yelling, "I will decide how much my goods are worth, not you! I am captain of my own consumer soul!" Whenever I get a good deal I feel like I am sticking it to the man.

So tonight, I high-tailed it to Target and completed this deal. I got three pajama shirts for a whopping $1 total. In case you are not in possesion of street fighting mathematics, that is 33 cents a shirt. I am the king of the world. I am wearing one right now and I look fiiiiiine. Too bad no one is here to see me because everyone else in this house goes to bed at 8:00. *sigh*

Speaking of awesome deals: ALDI. My in-laws have been praising it for some time now, and I have to say, it rocks my socks off. It is my all time favorite grocery store now. My only beef is that they have no customer service. They don't even list their numbers in the phone book. They don't want you to call. I'm not making this up, they told me that in the store. That's how they offer such good prices. So if you want to know if the 80 piece Avta train set for $20 has come in yet because you know your daughter would love it for Christmas, you have to drive back to check. By the way, it wasn't. And I think the sale was over today. Maybe Soapy will just get 33 cent pajama t-shirt to grow into for Christmas.

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Katie said...

that picture is so great. the person who drew it should be paid a million dollars.