Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ten minute phone calls

So I had my third 10 minute phone call with Chris today. I knew it was coming because his commander's wife posts on Facebook when she finds out about each call. Each time, I get so excited. My measurement of time which is usually hours to naps of bedtime becomes hours till he calls.

But, just so you know, ten minute phone calls are the worst. Or I guess they aren't the worst. They are pretty fun until suddenly he says, "Oh, I have one minute left." What do you say after that? All you are both thinking about is the end. You can try to start another topic, but you'll just get cut off and that is tragic and unsatisfying. You can say goodbye right then but then you are wasting that minute, and you only have 10! Then after the phone call you just feel lousy because, first of all, you spent some of that precious time talking about hangers. Hangers! Like the kind you put clothes on. What?! And second of all, ten minutes is not long enough to feel connected to someone you love, it's just long enough to remind you that you are lonely.

Man, the Army and I are not really friends right now. We're kind of enemies. And having the US ARMY as your enemy is not a good feeling. Whatever. I have my strategery. Army, I am not afraid of you.

You'll be happy to know that though my phone is not able to make calls, it is able to receive calls.


Kathy Haynie said...

You will get to see him and hug him SOON!

Katie said...

1. It's a good thing that you've been practicing telling terrorists that you're not afraid of them so that you can now apply those skills to the US Army.

2. That is a true tragedy. No joke. Right up there with the moment when Romeo takes the poison right before Juliet wakes up. For reals. I wrote letters for two years. I know what you mean, sista.

Becky said...

Ew! That sounds awful. I had no idea 10 minutes phone calls were so lousy.