Saturday, November 20, 2010

On the road

So, here we are in Charlotte, North Carolina after driving 6 hours with Soapstar, Jojo, Trish and David. Here is a brief report, in list form:

1. David drove the entire time and is an awesome driver. Also, the coolest 16 year old I have ever met.

2. The girls were better behaved than they have ever been in the car in their entire lives.

3. I like Trish's trail mix, even though I am actually a snob to trail mix.

4. Jojo can drink out of a sippy cup like a pro; she even holds the cup.

5. More and more I enjoy listening to Trish talk--I try to think of subjects that she has a lot to say about so that she will talk more, and longer. I think it is because she and Chris talk in very similar ways sometimes and I miss listening to him talk.

6. Now I am going to sign off and hook this laptop up to the hotel TV so we can watch a movie on Netflix. Hooray for roadtrips!


Bryan Lewis said...

I felt immediately nervous when I read that David drove the whole time. But I'm glad he's a good driver. I think I was nervous because he's still 11 or 12 in my head.

Lisa Lou said...

hahahaha! Bryan. True dat.
Also, Anna, I didn't know you are a snob about trail mix. huh. That's good to know. Do you have a favorite kind? Just wondering.

Katie said...

Dang. I made you crappy (err... "junky" in case Trish is reading this, but she's on the road trip, so probably she's not reading this right? Man, this aside totally ruined the lame joke I was going to make. Nevermind, but I guess I'll finish anyway now.) trail mix for Christmas. Guess I'll have to think of something else now.

Katie said...

Yea for Charlotte! I was there a couple of weeks ago. If you drive through Augusta, you should come and see me. I'll feed you. :)

AshburnStake said...

You got Trish to open up and talk for long periods of time?!?!? THAT'S truly amazing......