Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snobbery--a bragalog

I think it's important every so often to acknowledge when you are a snob about something. By snob, I mean when you don't like something because you feel it is beneath you. Sometimes we hide our snobbery by pretending there are other reasons for not liking it, but deep down, there aren't. Everyone is a snob about something. Probably, many things.

Let me give you some examples. I used to be a snob about turtlenecks. No reason for it, really. They were beneath me.But now I have one (well sort of. It's not a real turtleneck. It's not even a mock turtleneck. It's something else, like a mock-mock turtleneck {that sounds like a bird name, or a failed dance move})

Chris used to be a snob about brown sugar. He only liked brand name brown sugar. I am proud to say that he had some moments of self reflection and now he no longer worries about what brand he sprinkles on his oatmeal.

I think it's important to know what you are a snob about, even if you don't change your ways. It's important to know why you dislike or like something, even if it's not a good reason. I am a snob to Burberry scarves. They're just beneath me, that's all. (FYI, I respect all people who like Burberry scarves. Feel free to be a snob to me for that comment. Especially when you look at my everyday wardrobe and wonder how I can possibly feel that I can be a snob to any clothing.)

Anyway, I would like to congratulate myself now on things I an NOT a snob about.

I am not a grammar snob. I think that is clear from reading my posts. I don't consider grammar and usage to be super important. Here is why that is cool and not ignorant: I teach grammar and usage. I've taken editing classes. I have plenty of history/education to make me a snob. I have a Chicago Manual Style that I regularly consult (well, it's in Nebraska right now, but I did consult it). I like to talk about obscure punctuation problems. However, when I read any written work by another person (unless I'm grading)I ignore problems. Unless it is for a professional purpose I rarely edit my work carefully. I think this is awesome. I think this trait is a microcosm for the type of person I would like to be. I would like to be someone who concentrates on the message rather than the delivery.

I am not a book snob. I was a book snob. I am no longer. I disagree with books. Sometimes they make me angry (Atlas Shrugged) or sad(The History of Love) or frightened (some story I read about giant blood-thirsty seagulls). But I am not a snob to books. I don't judge a book because everyone has read it (Harry Potter), it is full of passion in prison (Twilight), written for children (Fablehaven) or even if it is reportedly full of bad writing. It turns out that even people who are poor at writing may have important or interesting things to say. It turns out that I read not only to better myself, but also as an escape or to be entertained. I realized I was snobby to books that I would never be snobby to as movies. Reading is better than watching TV. So I gave up my snobbery. Interestingly enough though, I am now a snob to book snobs. Feel free to admit in the comments that you are a book snob to me so I can turn up my virtual nose at you.



Kathy Haynie said...

Haha - I had to look up Burberry scarves. I am so out of it. :) I don't own any (obviously) but maybe I can be a snob about them??

I am a tv snob. Big time. I just don't watch it, even if I maybe want to a little.

Lisa Lou said...

Ah, yes. The snobbery. Man, I feel like I am a snob to so much. But I can't think of any right now. I am a snob to snobbery. And it's time for bed.
I love you. I'm really really excited to see you in about a month.

Katie said...

I am a snob to multiple exclamation points. The occurrence of multiple exclamation points should be used sparingly. Very, very, very sparingly. Almost never.

So I hope you can now understand just how excited I am to see you at Christmas.

P.S. This is more of a craft blog junkie thing, but I am so much a snob toward people calling a tutorial a "tute." Barf. I will never do it. Never.

Patricia said...

I use exclamation points quite a bit, Katie! It's how I show my enthusiasm when writing! But I still love you even though you are a snob towards that. :)
I'm sure I'm a snob about stuff. Let's see, maybe fake bread....
I also don't like t.v. much and would much rather read a book, but it does come in handy every once in a while when I'm doing something mundane and need a diversion.

Katie said...

1. I would like to clarify that I am not a snob about using more than one exclamation point so long as they each belong to their own sentence. It's only when people say, for instance, "That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" that I get to feeling snobbish about it.

2. I would also like to add another thing I am a snob about. Soft lamination. Sure, it's cheaper, but what is the point? Unless you're going to hang it on the wall in an elementary school classroom (or something of the like) it really is an empty gesture. Hard lamination. That is all my heart has room for, especially when it come to covering things in melted plastic with the hope of prolonging childproofness.

Bridget said...

You explained the grammar snob thing so well. I would like to think that I am also not a grammar snob. I think it has its place. Like printed, official, professional material - mistakes there bother me, I'll be honest. Especially stupid ones. But casual stuff, meh. But no one ever seems to believe me that I'm really not a grammar snob so maybe I am and I'm in denial.