Friday, November 30, 2012

Bad choices include

-facial tattoos
-spitting into the wind
-eating a container of prunes at once
-letting my baby sleep all day and now dealing with an awake baby all night.


Kathy Haynie said...

But it was a nice day...

Lisa Lou said...

-putting off really big papers until the night before

-eating all the carmels and not leaving Mark any. (bad for two reasons: 1) now Mark is sad; 2) I feel sick.

Katie Lewis said...

-Kroger brand frozen pizza

-Cooking icky pizza in the oven that still has burnt cheese on the oven floor from the lasagna the night before and makes your house smell so bad when the oven is on

-Taking a nap from 6-9pm

-Letting Bryan fall asleep on the couch at midnight

-Watching the 1st Harry Potter movie

Lynne Kohler and Theresa Walters said...

Not blogging as often because november is over and you "don't have to keep up the dare."