Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nana's Stories

Chris's mom decided last year sometime to start a blog for her grankids. Every so often she makes a recording of herself reading a book and then posts it on the blog so her grandchildren can hear their Nana reading to them even though they are in different states or countries. Chris's dad adds books now too. At the time I thought that was a good way to keep connected to grankids. Now I think it is a brilliant idea. Here is why:

Chris is often gone. Even when he's not training he has other late night things he has to do. Like tonight he has to go out to a dinner ceremony for his troop. Oh Army, you and your mandatory fun. (Fun fact- Chris has to go participate in the Turkey Bowl. It's not voluntary. Honestly, I'm not sure Chris knows the rules of football so this could be interesting.) Technically, I am invited too, but I went to one of these dinners and it was so un-fun that Chris and decided never to pay for babysitting again for one of these things. So he goes and leaves as soon as the mandatory part is done.

What this means is that when I put the girls down for bed it is me vs. them. They are actually really good about going to bed. They have a routine of toothbrushing, books, and songs that works really well. BUT if a certain little baby is crying her lungs out, it's really hard to read books. That's where Nana's Stories is INDISPENSABLE. If I pull up the blog, Sophie can even scroll to the stories she and Jojo agree upon, and make them full screen. So awesome. Tonight we definitely used Nana Stories. The girls wanted some Ballerina story and Go Dog go.

The girls love listening to these stories. And they respond to their grandparents as if they are actually talking to them. Greg (Chris's dad) recorded Go Dog Go a while ago (Do you not know this book?  It's a great book. You should know this book.). Throughout the book he is asking them questions and pausing to let them respond. Oh my goodness. The girls were jumping over themselves answering the questions. It was pretty funny.I started thinking about the fact that my girls would be able to play these same videos for their kids (if the internet still exists, you never know...) and I got a little weepish. But not crying.

The best part of this video happens in the first 10 seconds.

In conclusion--thank you in laws on behalf of myself and the girls.


Bryan Lewis said...

Olivia loves these stories, too, and she always responds to the questions they ask.

Katie Lewis said...

Aww, you are excellent, Soapy.

Also, like Bryan already said, Olivia is a major fan too. As, by the way, am I when I don't feel like reading books with Olivia.

Nathan said...

"Papa says I'm excellent" - Soapy is number one. Anna, maybe you should make so many videos of the girls and post them?

Patricia said...

Oh, Dad and I had such a good time watching the girls watching his video!
We laughed like little kids watching them, and listening to their comments.
Thanks, Anna! Excellent!

alison said...

So cute! I watch the stories when I'm in bed at night and answer the questions too.