Monday, November 26, 2012

Today's Post

So...Nablopomo Eh? It's 11:15 and my children are finally asleep. We are still paying of that long car ride. Here are some things I thought about today:

-Today's family home evening lesson may or may not have left our daughters thinking that the Holy Ghost ate Heavenly Father. Not sure what happened.

-We're buying our first Christmas tree tomorrow. Someone gave us a mini-tree the first year we were married and we've been using that ever since. But not this year, baby!

-I love my German classes. I really like learning languages. Today, I was the only student which was a little awkward for introvert me. Luckily, everyone paid in advance, so I felt like I was on scholarship.

- For our first advent we are having a Fondue party. We have 2 fondue pots that we haven't used in years. Today at Aldi I found two cheapo fondue kits. We considered long and hard who we should invite. To be the perfect party we had to have the right people--you know the right mix so we have the right dynamics. Everyone has to be interesting, relaxed, and fun. We decided to invite five people: our family. Maybe not Gracie if she has prior arrangements (i.e. a nap). I'm pretty excited.

-Also, I really want a red bead garland for my Christmas tree but I am not sure where to obtain one here.

-Good night monkey heads, I'm sleepy.




Andrew McAllister said...

Long live the full-size tree! :)

Bryan Lewis said...

I hope you sent invitations to your fondue party

Kathy Haynie said...

Dang, I was hoping to be invited to the fondue party. I'll work on being more interesting. I had 3 weeks of 1-on-1 Spanish class in Guatemala one summer - 5 hours every day. It was intense but wonderful. I learned more in that setting than in any other. Good for you to learn languages!