Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some things

This is unrelated to the post, but I took this picture on a walk today.

So here are a few things I've been thinking about lately:

- Since I have left my parents house I have changed in superficial ways that I never thought I would, like I'm now the type of person who likes to sip fruit tea and eat fancy cheeses. Wut? Anna Kohler what happened to you?  I also rarely wear shirts with words on them---well, unless they are play clothes. And I never buy shirts with funny sayings on them. This is almost anti-Kohler. But I still think cake in milk is a great idea. And I love Shakespeare and Kenneth Branagh is the best actor/director ever. Sherlock Holmes rocks the house. And this song will always be a part of me (and a part of every Nablopomo I ever do). Also, alarmingly, this song. Man, I really wish my brothers read this blog so they could help me write a list of things that are definitely Kohler.

- I got a pomegranate and deseeded it under water. It was a GREAT success until I had some and realized that I don't really like pomegranates. Chris ate it for me.

-So my brother-in-law Nathan just put up this post about what he would do with a million dollars. I would like to kindly ask him, and anyone else who doesn't know what to write for a blog post, what things they would buy for $100 dollars. This might help some people know what kind of things to get people for Christmas.

- I love my primary class. It's so fun to teach the last half of the Book of Mormon to boys because it's so bloody. Ha! I taught about the destruction of the Jaredites today. You know, where over 2 million people die in war and the last bloody battle ends with Coriantumr cutting off the head of Shiz. And then Shiz still throws up his hands in the air and tries to breathe before he collapses. So gross. You know what picture my manual recommended I use to teach this lesson? Ether sitting and recording the history on the plates. Probably the ONLY boring image of the whole time battle. But I understand, because it was also probably the only non x-rated one. Still it was funny. I taught my boys fun words like "carnage" and phrases like "drunk with bloodshed." And then we also had gummy-candy. So fun.

-I decided that we are going to make AWESOME gingerbread houses this year. That is all.


Katie Lewis said...

You can never sub our primary class because then our kids will love you infinitely more than us.

But if we are ever released, please come teach our gospel doctrine class. It would definitely be the first time I have ever enjoyed Gospel Doctrine.

And--gummy candy. What a hero. Again, don't you dare tell our primary class. We are the mean teachers, but they don't know any better, so they still love us. Maybe.

Also, Bryan and I still don't believe you have a family.

Kathy Haynie said...

Sounds like a great Primary lesson. And that is a really awesome photo at the top of the post. Love the way the branches at the sides frame that lone tree lost in the mist. You could maybe use it for a Tree of Life lesson with the mists of darkness...