Saturday, November 24, 2012


Sorry guys! We went out of town and I did not blog. But I'm still with you. And guess what, I counted all the countries I have been too. And now I will list them for you because I know you are really, really interested. Feel free to make your own list as well. FYI I am not counting countries from before I was four, because I can't remember Brazil that well. And I stopped at the airport in Guatemala for a few hours, but I don't count that either, but I still wanted to brag about them both so I mentioned them just now anyway.

In order (ahem)

That's 13!

Hmmm, I just realized that most people who read this blog have been to more countries than me. But you know what, I ain't even mad. It just means you know how cool traveling is. You know where I need to go? Asia. (And maybe Australia, but they have nasty sharks there.)

Also, it turns out I am really bad with GPS's. By that I mean sometimes I forget when I've programmed it to avoid certain things. Like when we moved to Georgia and I programmed it to avoid highways and then the next day Chris flew to Nebraska with it and drove all our earthly belongings in a huge Uhaul truck for hours, trying to get to Georgia on BACKROADS. I don't think we figured it out until the next day even. That was a fail time. This time, I had set it to avoid tolls....uh. Switzerland is full of tolls. Our three and a half hour trip from the Black Forest to Cern actually took...over six hours. And we almost died driving up windy back roads in the mountains of Switzerland and France in spooky, thick fog. By the way, it turns out that our GPS doesn't tell us when we leave one country and go into another, and since we were on the back roads, the borders were not always even marked so we kept asking each other, "Wait, what country our we in now?" "Is this the European Union or not?" It was a little surreal to not know what country we were in.

BUT it turned out that by avoiding tolls we actually saved 140 Euro. So...we decided to do that on the way home too. It was easier to tell what country we were in because the Swiss helpfully hang flags out of their windows a lot. Kind of like returned missionaries. (Side note, when my brother Tom got back from his mission he hung a Jolly Roger up in his room. I thought that was funny.)

So Cern was really cool. I will have to post about it tomorrow. After our visit, we drove past it later that day on our way into the city and Sophie pointed and said, "Look Dad, Science!" So it is girl, so it is.


Nathan said...

hmmmmm....I've only been to Japan and Canada...and I hardly count Canada. Anyway, I'm jealous of your globe trotting. I'd love to go to all those places!!!! Glad you're back. I'm gonna miss you when November's over.

Lisa Lou said...

20 countries lived in or visited, 7 states lived in.

I thought the above comment was Nathan Lewis and I was going to say that I'm pretty sure he hasn't been to either of those countries.