Sunday, November 11, 2012

Doctor Who

So. Does anyone else watch "Doctor Who"? Because Chris and I just checked out a season from the library and we are pretty hooked.  I had been hearing that it was kind of cool so I checked out Season One; however, it turns out "Dr Who" is the longest running science fiction show ever. It started to 1963. Season One was ridiculous and terrible. So...I did a little hardcore research and read that it got really cool around Season Five. So then we got Season Five and,by the way, it is really cool. It's super compelling.

Why is it so cool? I asked Chris this and he said, "It's because it's not like anything I've ever watched before." Which I think is pretty true. Bridget recommended the show "Sherlock" a little bit ago, so we checked it out, and we liked it a lot. We recommend it also. An intense mystery show with a quirky detective is a plot line Chris and I really like. It's scary at  normal times, it's funny at certain times, and every so often we get these little moments to show us that Sherlock is a really good guy and not a jerk. Sir Conan Doyle, bless his heart, made famous a genre that I just love. It's predictable in a thoroughly enjoyable way.

"Doctor Who" is not so predictable to me. I am never really sure if I am about to be terrified, or laugh out loud, or just be totally intent on trying to solve the problem on hand. And the problems...are ridiculous. I guess I am not super familiar with the science fiction genre but I think I like it.

Also, I think the reason this show is so compelling has a lot to do with two people, the main character and the director,because I think they rock the show.

Okay, now I'm off to bed.


Anna said...

This is Chris, not Anna

Doctor Who is awesome because it is so low budget, but they have some really great writers, so you get this funny mix of really great dialogue and plot and super cheap-o costumes and set. There is one episode where the aliens they are fighting are angel sculptures that come to life if no one is looking at them, so the protagnists were running and couldn't blink or take their flashlights off the angels. It might sound kind of hokey but I am a grown man and I can watch whatever I want.

And I haven't watched/read a lot of science fiction before so it is a new genre to enjoy.

Lynne Kohler and Theresa Walters said...

I watched a spinoff series called "Torchwood" and decided to try and check this out as well. The Brit factor makes it different, like swedish police novels, but there you are. Love the blogs...

Bridget said...

I think the same people who wrote the new Doctor Who also wrote Sherlock. I hope I can find a way to watch this show!

Austin Smith said...

Talk of your synchronicity! My nablopomo post today (which I wrote before seeing this post) was about Sherlock because I just watched the first episode of the second season. And the reason I gave Sherlock a try is because I've fallen in love with Doctor Who over the last year and yeah Steven Moffat is behind both of them (now). As for why Doctor Who is so awesome, there are many reasons, but one that really speaks to me is from the Mormon angle, as explained in a truly lovely way in this article.

Here's to more great BBC shows!