Monday, November 24, 2014

Balloons against invasion

Last Friday I went to Nuremberg and watched Interstellar. It is the first movie I have seen in a theater in at least four years. It was pretty amazing---I think it totally deserves it's high IMDB score. Go see it; it's awesome.

On the way to the theater, there was a small sing-along/protest going on. They were giving out a bunch of stuff so I grabbed the most useful--which is why I now have three balloons proudly declaring Crimea still a part of Ukraine.

I don't know what the symbol on the back of the balloon. A two minute Google search did lot clear up what it was so I suppose I'll never know. Still, the girls are loving hitting these around. 


Bridget said...

It's the Ukrainian coat of arms.

Nathan said...

Its the coat of arms depicting a trident representing the trinity of God on earth and in heaven.

Nathan said...

Wait, more research has lead to the image being, during medieval times, a depiction of a flying falcon.

However, later images of the trident among the Rurikids more closely resembled a bident (two-pronged instrument, like a pitchfork), which is much like the Cyrillic "У" which denotes the "u" sound like in "Ukraine".