Monday, November 17, 2014

Flash from the past: Anne Geddes

(So for today's post I thought I would just repost something I wrote on our family's blog back in 2008, the month after Sophia was born. To give you some background-- Anne Geddes was pretty famous back then and we used to call Sophia "Soapy" or "Soaps." Sometimes we still do.)

After seeing Anne Geddes pictures (like the one above) for years and years, it is hardly a surprise that when I finally have a baby of my own I try to replicate her style. Here is my spin on her technique.

Lookin' good, Soaps.

I eventually ate all of this salad as well, which is something I bet Anne Geddes cannot say.

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Rebecca Jensen said...

I think about this picture not infrequently. In fact, I'm pretty sure I showed it to Ben while prepping him for our visit to Germany.