Thursday, November 6, 2014

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

I have started getting excited about Christmas gifts.  I love having kids around Christmas time (uh, I mean all the time, right?). This year Jojo has fallen in love with horses, which is convenient because she is my hardest kid to find toys for. Sophia always knows what she wants and Gracie will still play with trash, but Jojo is a mystery. She is a bit of a collector of treasures, but the treasures vary so I occasionally look into one of the boxes that is by her bed to see what she currently values.

For your information, right now Jojo treasures  sticks and toilet paper roll tubes. She has about 30 tubes by her bed at the moment. She doesn't do anything with them, just collect them. It's hard to buy gifts for a girl who is into toilet paper roll tubes.

But every day after school she begs to go see the horses so we always walk and check and ineveitably if they are not there she cries and if they are there she screams "NEIGGHHHHH!" at them until a neighbor opens a window and I say we have to go.

Sophia wants...the whole world. We went in the toystore and I asked her what she would pick if she could only have one thing. She about died with the difficulty of deciding. In fact she could not decide. But her loudes exclamations of delight occurred around the Barbies and Fillys  (Fillys are Germany's equivalent to My Little Pony).

Gracie followed Sophie around the store repeating "I want this for Christmas!" everytime she heard Sophia say it, but since I had to drag her away from playing with the toilet bowl brushes before we left, I figure she will like whatever she gets.

Hooray for Christmas!

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Jami Jensen said...

This made me laugh so much!! Jojo collecting tp rolls made me smile. Love those girls of yours!