Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Sunday vs. Chris' Sunday

Anna's day:

1. Got to church a half hour late.
2.Told the primary kids I would kill them if they did not behave.
3. Spent a panicked half hour thinking I had allowed an unknown man to kidnap a primary kid. (Turns out I just don't know the men in our ward very well--especially when they wear hats. No joke, I barely ever speak to me these days other than Chris. Not on purpose, we just aren't around each other very much. It's weird.)
4. Came home and spent most of the day avoiding children and looking at all the things on the internet.
5. Had a wholesome homecooked meal because: crockpot.

Chris's day:
1. Arrived at church an hour early for morning meetings.
2. Spent the afternoon in the living room with the kids.
3. Took the kids on a nighttime nature walk after dinner.
4. Collected wood on that nature walk and built a fire with them.
5. In a few minutes he's going to read them books while I continue ignoring everyone.
5. Oh, and I forgot, he was a little late home from church because he pulled over to help some Nuns fix a broken bike.

Hopefully today was not the Final Exam to see who gets into the Celestial Kingdom.

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