Sunday, November 23, 2014

Eat-All-The-Milkas Update: Judgment Day

So a few nights ago I bought all my favorite cookie Milkas: Schokokeks, Chips Ahoy, Oreo (large panel) and Oreo (100g version. Plus, we had some Weihnachts Schokolade Marzipan left and since it was Chris's new favorite we added it to competition. Here is a more clear picture without my six year old charmer:

As I tasted each bar and discussed the benefits and drawbacks with the other four tasters (i.e. my husband and three daughters) it became clear that this "best of" competition was an oversimplification. All the bars (except for Chris's Marzipan bar) were examples of a single category: Cookie bars. It was easy to name one best cookie bar, but there were other marzipan bars that were excellent but in a different category. Sometimes, no matter its excellence, you don't want a cookie bar. So, in order to be more fair, I have broken the bars into categories and am naming the best in each category.  Please enjoy the rewards of my exciting and arduous Milka journey:


Best Cookie Bar (which tends to be a favorite in our family): Oreo 100 gram version
Best nut bar: Nuss &Nougat Creme (only in large panel)
Best yogurt bar: Johgurt Milka (100 gram)
Best Novelty Bar: Choco Jelly (large panel)
Best Marzipan:  Marzipan (100 gram)
Best bar to make you throw up in your mouth: Luflee Caramel

For the record, the other tasters proclaimed their favorites:

Sophia: Chips Ahoy and Oreo (100 Gram)
Jojo: Chips Ahoy and Oreo (100 Gram)
Chris: a triple tie between Weihnachts Scholade Marzipan, Nuss &Nougat Creme, and Schoko Keks
Gracie: Chocolate Chocolate chocolate chocolate

Good luck in your own chocolate eating endeavors.


Ben said...

May your sacrificial contributions to humanity ne'er be forgotten.

Kathy Haynie said...

I'm with Gracie.

Anna B said...

Bless you!