Monday, November 3, 2014

I bought a crockpot.

Okay, already anyone can see I am already scraping the bottom of the barrel for blog post topics. Please forgive me. I still have a thousand words to write tonight and I am pretty exhausted already. But at least I am not exhausted from cooking. Because last week I bought a crockpot.

I've survived three years without one here in Germany because I didn't want to buy an appliance I couldn't take with me to the States. But last week I felt like spending money so I just bought one. I am so glad I did. Even if I only use it this month.

I don't like cooking. I don't really care a lot about what I eat (except for treats). A crockpot is changing my life for the better. We had curry tonight and it was SO EASY. I guess curry should always be easy, but doing anything after four o'clock in the winter time is very hard, I think.

Anyway, hooray for crockpots.

This is my worst Nablopomo post ever. I bored myself.


Bishop Lewis said...

Tots cool! I love crock-pots! Hold your head high and be proud! Well done - Greg

Austin Smith said...

There is nothing boring about crock pots. They are splendid.