Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lazy Sunday

Today was the perfect lazy Sunday. After church the younger girls DID NOT fall asleep in the car but DID take proper naps afterwards which gave Chris and I a break and kept everyone from being grumpy. This alone would have made the day a success. But then I spent the rest of the day lounging on the couch reading a novel while the girls took turns cuddling with me. (FYI this particular novel is interesting to me because it's about a woman who is dating a man who she believes is a werewolf. We don't know if he really is or if he is just pulling the con of the century. I don't know yet if I am reading fantasy novel or a tale post-modern love and betrayal. Very interesting.) Oh, and we all ate so much Halloween candy. The fire room was a disaster until a couple hours ago when we had a small dance party/clean up extravaganza. Which seemed a great way to end the evening.

And Chris is now in the process of reading some very long books to the girls. Somehow, through some brilliant twist of fate, Chris became the reader-of-books. They actively request him. (Apparently I do voices weird. Humph.) It's so awesome because their book choices are getting progressively longer and more inane. I have been relegated to singing songs which is fun, faster, and I can literally do in the dark with my eyes closed.

My life is good today.

Happy Sunday!

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