Saturday, November 8, 2014

Random Triptych

1. Since Gracie was born after we arrived to Germany and Chris became a part of 1st Squadron, we were supposed to get a silver cup for her. It just came last week, almost two and a half years later. Not bad fort the army. It's pretty sweet. The sentimental part of me thinks this will be such a fun thing for her to have as a memento, and the neurotic, survivalist part of me thinks this will be so useful if the American Government collapses and we need something to melt down and use for currency in an emergency. So, win/win I guess. 

2. Also, this morning, the girls very proudly showed me the poster they had made. They were very VERY excited about it.It was definitely influenced by the Lewis Family Tradition of making birthday banners. Unfortunately my girls tried tried for LOVE but ended up with EVOL. HOpefully this is not a tragic foreshadowing for their lives.

3. I was ransacking our toy area looking for some toys for an object lesson at church tomorrow and I found a small hidden ball of Jojo hair. We confronted her about it and she admitted to sometimes cutting her hair and hiding it. It's a little mysterious, because we can't tell where on her head it came from, but it's definitely her hair and there was quite a chunk of it.  I kind of hope she manages to take scissors to her hair in a way that results in a tragic haircut, because we haven't experienced that yet, and I feel that is a rite of mother hood.


Jami Jensen said...

I feel like you should blog more often than just November because, either your house attracts unique events that nobody ever has (hello? ball of hair!?) or...maybe you just have a way of turning the ordinary, extraordinary! ;)

Patricia said...

Jami, We all agree with you! Anna has a way of making normal things (crock pots) seem funny. Not that balls of hair in the toy box are normal.