Friday, November 21, 2014

Too many gag gifts

There is a very deep and real part of me that loves giving gag gifts. A gag gift is something that is funny and useless, like a bobble-head doll, or a t-shirt with a funny quote that is too ugly to actually wear. I don't know why but I long to buy people gag gifts, especially at Christmastime. In fact, after I saw the Santaur the other day, I literally went over every person on my Christmas list because there had to be one person who would love that ornament.

I have learned, over the years that actually, gag gifts are rarely a good idea. The best way to gauge if a gag gift is appropriate is to consider the person and ask if they would rather have the gag gift or an real gift of equivalent value.

The Santaur costs (alarmingly) fifteen dollars. I don't think any of my family or friends would prefer the Santaur to fifteen actual dollars. If they do, I should probably stop hanging out with them.

I even considered buying it for myself and realized that I would rather have fifteen dollars than that amazing beast. I would even rather have five dollars. Or a chocolate chip cookie.

I think the only time it is appropriate to give a gag gift is when it is a) unexpected and b) involves a hilarious joke you share with the recipient. Even still, it might be wiser to go with a box of chocolates or a fruit basket.

So, no Santaur this year. Sorry if anyone is disappointed.


Kathy Haynie said...

I think I'm a little slow. I just now noticed that you've been running a series of "too many…" posts. Is this a new thing and I am out of the loop? Or (probably) YOU are starting a new thing.

Lisa Lou said...

Ah man. $15!?!? Yeah, I'm with ya on just taking the money. Growing up we would buy family gifts at the dollar store. It was so fun to make a list of what t get everyone and then dutifully search and try to hide from each other in the store.