Friday, November 7, 2014

The crock pot is changing my life.

The crock pot is changing my life.

If you remember, I recently wrote a riveting post about my crock pot. Consider this the sequel. I also bought a slow cooker cookbook and have slowly been going through and making all the recipes that look appetizing. Life is getting a lot easier. And healthier. It's a lot easier to have healthy side dishes ready when the main course is already taken care of.

Today my crock pot made me feel like a hero.  I arrived home at 6:15 after picking up Sophia from Step class and Chris was sitting in our living room with a couple who had just arrived from the US and were hungry. I was not expecting them. Thanks to my crockpot magic, at 6:30 we were all sitting around the table eating coconut chicken curry, rice, and salad. AND because I had known earlier I wouldn't have to worry about cooking, I had found the energy to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookie dough so I just popped a couple pans in the oven and we even had dessert, and a plate of cookies to send with them to the hotel. I felt like such a hero.

There is a good chance we will only eat out of a crock pot for the rest of our lives.

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Patricia said...

You are a hero!! Such a hero, that I thought of you last week when I put some meals in crock-pot-sized containers in the freezer and froze them in preparation for later when I'll have a house full of people!