Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I've been picking people's Christmas presents out today. It is both fun and stressful. I really like giving gifts. Trying to figure out what people would like, ESPECIALLY when the people don't even know themselves is very...sleuthy. Which is not a word but still works.  I like the challenge.

The easiest person to buy a present for is Sophia, my five year old.  Mostly, because she already knows and has specifically told me, but also because she is a clear glass of water when it comes to likes and dislikes.

Jojo, my three year old, is harder. She has no idea what she likes, so that's one thing, but also what her sister likes affects what she likes, but not always in the same way. For example if Sophie likes pink(and she does) some days this means that Jojo likes pink too and other days it means Jojo likes black.

But, actually, I've pretty much bought all three of my daughters presents this year already--with the exception of some doll beds that I'm going to make. Today, I was shopping for my sister-in-law Alison's present, as well as presents for my brother Matt, and his family. The bad news Ali, is that a lot of the things on your Pinterest board are no longer for sale so you might want to update them. The good news is I found a cool present that Chris and I both like for you so you don't have to update your board. So that is awesome.

My brother Matt's family is a little trickier. He's in Pakistan; what's a good gift for someone in Pakistan? He already has a gun. Also I am not really sure what to get his kids ages 8 and 10. I am thinking Shrinky Dinks. Are those cool? Is there another gift you recommend/

Also, I need to get some Christmas music. I am taking recommendations. What are you favorite Christmas Albums?

Also since this kind of a random post anyway, here's a picture from tonight.

 Skype is such a huge part of my life now. I never thought it would be, but it is so normal now. That will change in a couple daysbecause they shut down the internet at Chris's base soon, and he comes home in less than a month! Whoop Whoop!

When I think about and talk about Christmas,  that is all I am really thinking about.


Katie Lewis said...

1. I'm unsure about the coolness of shrinkydinks. I think it would largely depend on if there's a cool grandparent or someone around to make them seem cool at the time. Maybe make sure all teenagers have left the room first. Or maybe I'm totally wrong.

2. I don't know why you're having such a hard time thinking of what to give Matt. Obviously the answer is a copy of my book because, what guy in Pakistan with a gun doesn't want to spend all his time sewing? I rest my case.

3. You guys are a cute skype family. Sophie is so refined. And good job shaving your beard so Chris wouldn't see you like that pj picture you posted.

4. The end.

Kathy Haynie said...

Katie's comments make me laugh almost as much as Anna's posts.