Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No more Skype

So the base that Chris is stationed at is closing down. Slowly more and more of the contracted services have been closing. Their laundry service was the first to go (at least that Chris mentioned), then their meals got a lot simpler, then lunch was eliminated completely-- they just have MRE's. Today the gym closed down, which made him super sad because he works out a lot to de-stress. Today was also the last day they will have individual internet, so it's the last day we were able to Skype.

For me this was sad but mostly good. I only have three weeks until I see him and the closer it gets the harder the waiting seems to be. If I don't see him, it's easier to forget that I am waiting for him. It's sad not to be able to tell him every single little unimportant part of my day (which I think is a definite bonus in having a spouse), but it's three weeks. No big deal.

However, it was kind of a huge blow to Sophia. I'd been prepping her, but each time I reminded her she burst into tears. I swear that kid feels every emotion three times as strongly as other people. She understands days and weeks and months, but it doesn't matter. Those times FEEL longer as a kid. All she can focus on is she won't be able to talk to her dad tomorrow or the next day.

So, sad Skype night.

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Katie Lewis said...

:( Poor kid. At least he'll be home really soon!