Saturday, November 23, 2013

Letter to Santa

A couple nights ago Sophia and Jojo asked for my help in writing letters to Santa. There are a couple things I want to talk about in this post, and any one of them could be a whole post, but I don't really want to examine any of them in detail, so we're just doing a list.

1. I need to teach my daughters the proper way to write letters. One does not simply start letters, "I want..."

2. I never realized the many layers of deception behind the idea of Santa Claus. I thought I could just kind of gloss over it. I did not realize I would be interrogated about him. The lies I have told! What's his favorite color? What's he doing right now? How do the reindeer fly? How did he and Mrs. Claus meet? Was it a beautiful wedding? It's a web of deceit I am almost not comfortable with. Almost. Also, to my own credit, two years ago I told Sophia that the Easter Bunny wasn't real. She decided to not believe me. I TRIED. Also, if I were going to write more about this I would say something about the powerful, historical tradition of children believing in things that aren't real. But I am too undedicated tonight.

3. Sophia knows what she wants for Christmas:

A hairstyle Barbie
A snow globe
A wedding Barbie
Other specific Barbies with elaborate names/descriptions I can't be bothered to type
Bunkbeds for her baby dolls
To fly for real
To live with all the Disney Princesses
An Ariel outfit.
4. Jojo only wanted one thing:
A baby doll that pees (Don't worry everyone, we definitely have this one covered.)

5. When I pressed her a bit more she asked for,
a canopy for her bed and
NOT to fly

5. No, I don't know why Jojo has decided she does not want to fly for Christmas, but she thought about it quite a bit before she told me this.


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Katie Lewis said...

If only I had known before I sent that package! I could have given Jojo the gift of not flying! Maybe next year...