Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I know I have already used this as a title this month but I am in the Christmas Spirit. I practically AM the Spirit of Christmas Present. I have been fighting the urge to decorate because it is not even Thanksgiving. I wouldn't care but I desperately want my village to think I am cool. Sometimes people who decorate too early are not cool.

Usually I am only a little impatient but Christmas is coming early this year for us (seriously compared to the first week of December, Christmas kind of seems not as big a deal) so it seems almost criminal to wait. I finally set myself down yesterday and decided that when our across the street neighbors decorated then we could decorate. FYI they are the kings of decorating for every season. They do an amazing job. They would never decorate inappropriately.

Imagine my delight when we drove home from ballet today and saw all our neighbors out decorating their yard for Christmas! I was jubilant! Maybe that's the only time I have ever written that word, but it is accurate. Tomorrow I am going to start decorating. I am going to hand my doorway wreath, and my newly acquired  garlands. I am going to hang up my window stars. I am going to deck the halls! Okay, I only have one hall so I am going to deck the hall! So much decking! Deck deck deck!

Also, Soapy just threw up. And maybe has conjunctivitis. I hope she feels like doing a lot of decking tomorrow because she is probably not going to school.


Kathy Haynie said...

For years I thought it was spelled (and pronounced) jubiliation. Obviously I am pre-spell check. Happy decking. Hope Sophie feels better soon.

Katie Lewis said...

Anna, what is with all the barf in that house lately? Super sad. Good thing you're hanging enough Christmas decorations to make up for all the throwing up sadness.