Friday, November 22, 2013

Deployment Prayer

I know filming prayers is a little sketchy...wait, no it's not. They do it in General Conference all the time. Well, it felt kind of sketchy. Anyway, I filmed Sophie's dinner prayer tonight. The parts about Chris are very specific and have been said at every prayer in our house for the past five months. Seriously, EVERY PRAYER. She said an almost identical one the night he left and not much has changed since. If someone forgets to bless Daddy, one of the girls catches it and demands the prayer be re-said. A couple months ago, right after the Sacrament prayer Jojo jumped off her seat and said, "He forgot Daddy, Mom. He has to say it again."

Also--some context to the weird setting-- as a celebration for a day of no vomits, and because we got the tree up today, we had a picnic on our living room floor for dinner. We even moved Gracie's high chair into the living room for the occasion. That's why Soapy is praying on the ground.

Proof that we got our tree up.


Lisa Lou said...

Oh man. That was just so so great and heartfelt. I loved it. We pray for Uncle Chris every night, but maybe we should add the no-stepping-on-bombs part.

Patricia said...

That was so sweet. I know from personal experience if the no-stepping-on-bombs part is forgotten, it's noticed!