Monday, November 18, 2013

Today, a Catholic Priest exorcised my television

So about a month ago our German TV sort of busted. It wasn't exactly broken, but for all intents and purposes it was broken. I don't want to go into details because it sort of makes me look like an idiot, because I couldn't fix it. But I couldn't. This was, of course, sad because German TV is the only way I can rationalize the copious amounts of time I try to spend away from my children. They are learning German via Phineas und Ferb, it's okay to abandon them, right?

I really did try to fix it. I read the whole manual. I pressed ALL THE BUTTONS on both remotes. But nothing worked. Who do you even go to for help with a broken-but-not-really tv?

I'll tell you who: The Catholic Church.

When we went to Gerda's (the kindergarten headmistress's) house I offhandedly mentioned my problem to her. She said she knew just the person who could help me-- her friend, a Catholic Priest. And today, they drove over together and after much hemming, hawing,  and button pressing---fixed my television! That's right two people who have no reason to care about the electronics of my house got together and drove from Auerbach to my house to fix a silly problem. God is good. People are kind.

I can't tell you who was more delighted, me, Gerda or the priest. They were sincerely happy to serve me. So many smiles. I tried to pay him, but he of course refused, so I gave him a plate of pumpkin chocolate cookies, which maybe Germans hate. 

And now I have a serious soft spot for the Catholic church. Seriously, other than my own, Catholicism is my favorite religion. Good people, those Catholics. Except for the Spanish Inquisition---but I think we all know that was unexpected...

(hahahahahaha I'm so funny)

Hooray for German television, the Catholic church, and especially, kind people.


Kathy Haynie said...

You'll probably hate me saying this, but that is a really sweet story.

Katie Lewis said...

So, if I read this right, then I think the Catholic church just helped you further abandon your children.


(Man, every comment I leave on your blog sounds so inappropriate to anyone other than you. I hope people who don't actually know me and understand how funny I am will know that I'm such a nice person in real life and not the total jerk I sound like in your blog comments.)